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Inland Premier starts with a thorough analysis behind the design and implementation of your existing or planned network. Proper planning on network infrastructure can ensure that making additions or changes to the architecture can be done quickly, efficiently, and effectively. It is the foundation that a business is built on, so it needs to be able to grow and scale with you. Network design is often overlooked by other companies, but not by Inland Premier. We like to think of your networks like a busy highway system. If all the roads are in poor shape, it won't matter what you are driving, the performance will not be at its best. We will help you understand the changes that we propose and ensure that the recommendations are clear for what we’ve designed for your site. 

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Keeping an in-house email server or web server is often not a possibility for many small and medium-sized organizations. Also, larger organizations often endeavor to lower their operational costs and choose to outsource their email requirements. By outsourcing this aspect to Inland Premier, companies can have enterprise class benefits such as web accessibility, better collaboration, larger email inboxes, better spam filtering, and virus protection without the costs of the hardware, software, and the staff to maintain it. 

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Business revolves around data. Gathering it, storing it, reporting against it can be a task onto itself, and keeping the right people in it and the wrong people out of it can be a totally different game. Inland Premier uses industry best practices and proven techniques to ensure your information is safe from threats internally and externally. 

  Compliance   Read More   Close

There are legal concerns some companies must adhere to in order to be compliant with governing bodies. We have experience with many different market sectors and business types that we draw from to help your company stay within the governing laws that oversee your type of business. PCI, CHIT, Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), and HIPPA are some of the regulations we have experience with and the knowledge to help your business deal with the complexities that come with these regulations.

There has also been a lot of coverage in the news about software or music pirating. Businesses often make better “targets” for these lawsuits, as they are both accessible and exposed to the public. Having properly licensed software or media is critical to any operating business. We perform audits to see where you stand with these laws as well as implement the changes needed to be within compliance.

  Disaster Prevention and Recovery   Read More   Close

It might not be something any business owner wants to think of, but disaster strikes. It can be something preventable such as an employee accidentally deleting critical files. It can be something unforeseen such as a fire that destroys the office. It can even be something deplorable such as “old fashioned” theft.

Inland Premier deploys strategic systems to make sure your precious data is safe. A lot of hard work is spent on gathering the information and we can make sure that if disaster strikes, your organization can recover. We have expertise in planning for disasters, recovering from them, and making sure you aren't stopped in your tracks. 

  IT Management   Read More   Close

Many organizations need regular service and maintenance. While Inland Premier can repair any of your technology problems, to truly leverage your technology investments to benefit your organization, having guidance and direction for ongoing and new programs is critical. By taking over these aspects of your IS needs, you can concentrate on managing your business. We can also handle asset control and tracking, another task often ignored by organizations. 

  Support Desk   Read More   Close

While Inland Premier wants to keep systems running as smoothly as possible, let’s face it, computers and most technology are machines. Machines break down from time to time. And when they do, the lost productivity can be bad for morale, bad for business, and bad for the bottom line. Inland Premier can help you take control of the problems and perform tracking and reporting on your issues. We do not just deal with problems, but also learn from what is going on at your place of business. Often, the problems are not just hardware related, but can be caused by improper usage, conflicting software, or just plain bad luck. 

We can help you monitor:

- Anti-Virus Protection
- IT Asset Management
- Workstation and Server Updating
- Network Documentation
- Hardware Inventory
- Equipment Life Cycle management
- Strategy Planning
- Back-Up Plan designing and Automating
- Service Level Agreements

  VPN and Remote Access   Read More   Close

Remote branches and home offices are becoming more and more commonplace. Whether it is for expansion to different geographic locations, making telecommuting a reality at the office place, or any other of one hundred reasons to need remote access to your network, Inland Premier set this up for you. We can connect multiple branches and offices into a central location to maximize the ROI on hardware investments, ease collaboration, and also ensure only the expected users get into your system. 

  Microsoft Exchange   Read More   Close

Microsoft Exchange 2007 and soon Exchange 2010 server is an industry standard that has become the communications foundation for many organizations across the world. In some cases, the demand for centralized communications is significant enough to require one to be installed on premises. When this is the case, Inland Premier technicians are experts in upgrading current installations or building from the ground up. 

  Microsoft SQL Administration   Read More   Close

MS SQL 2008 is the current SQL solution from Microsoft. Many different kinds of applications run on this from CRM to Great Plains. In all cases, having a proper maintenance and back-up plan in place will help keep your databases running smoothly and efficiently. Inland Premier has extensive background in maintenance work with Microsoft's solution. 

  Data Archiving and Destruction   Read More   Close

What keeps most IT managers up all night is storing their data. Theft, fires, or accidents could happen at any time. Having a solid back-up helps you with the current information, but what about all the old records that are now a liability? How do you want to deal with records that are no longer relevant to your business? What compulsory regulation laws (do you need to keep information for specific period of time, can you only store certain types of information) must you deal with? Managing information has often become as much work as collecting it. Making sure you have what you need, and are able to interact with it properly is what Inland Premier can do for you. Rest easy and let that concern be our concern. 

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